Two Videos: Gonzo Gus & the Dishwasher

Hello everyone.

Just wanted to pass along two decent enough videos.  Nothing too exciting here I must admit, but it is fun to see it in person.  A taste of ordinary life with the little man.

Video 1: Gus going Gonzo – he loves hide & seek, so you can see how excited he gets.  He also gets distracted quickly so he goes from zero to 60, then back quickly.  Enjoy the squealing!
 Click here to see Gus Going Gonzo

Video 2: Gussy Poo & the Dishwasher – the humming you hear in the background is the dishwasher.  Gus loves to sit in front of it and rock out to the soothing sounds of the machine.  
Click here to see a video of the sound of a Dishwasher…and a baby sitting in front of it


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