Two Videos: Gonzo Gus & the Dishwasher

Hello everyone.

Just wanted to pass along two decent enough videos.  Nothing too exciting here I must admit, but it is fun to see it in person.  A taste of ordinary life with the little man.

Video 1: Gus going Gonzo – he loves hide & seek, so you can see how excited he gets.  He also gets distracted quickly so he goes from zero to 60, then back quickly.  Enjoy the squealing!
 Click here to see Gus Going Gonzo

Video 2: Gussy Poo & the Dishwasher – the humming you hear in the background is the dishwasher.  Gus loves to sit in front of it and rock out to the soothing sounds of the machine.  
Click here to see a video of the sound of a Dishwasher…and a baby sitting in front of it


Video: Possibly THE Cutest Video Ever – Gus meets Alykhan

Watch as Gus meets his alter ego Alykhan.  They have a very interesting conversation, as you will see.  Enjoy the Face-Off!

Click here to watch Gus meet Alykhan

Stanford Cal football – rainy night


Tim Tebow vs John Elway – statistics in first 8 NFL starts

Pretty amazing comparison


A warning to all Babies

Those darn critters always crawling where they are not welcome.


Cedars Sinai LA

Inception style cityscape maps at the MoMA

Just saw this at the MoMA NYC’s digital exhibit

Being embarrassed and vulnerable

I have recently read two separate items (referenced below) that relate to both business and life in general – having the courage to open yourself up to possible embarrassment.  

Reading the excerpts below made me relate it to what I have been thinking a lot of about recently – new career choices, and inspired me to write the following in my Kindle notes:

“In general starting a company, or getting behind an idea is making yourself vulnerable – to criticism, failure, ridicule.  There is likely to be initial rejection, doubt and even mockery, but by making yourself vulnerable, you exhibit the courage and humility to learn and iterate. Learn from it. Get stronger. Be all in. Besides, being passionate is better than being dull and non-committal – and passion definitely increases the chances for success.”

The quotes below were what inspired this blog post:

“You have to be embarrassed by your first product…If you’re not embarassed, you’re taking too long to get it out there.”  “Done is better than perfect.”   – from nymag article Bubble Boys

Choosing vulnerability means leaning into the full spectrum of emotions—the dark as well as the light—and examining how our feelings affect the way we think and behave. Vulnerability is equal parts courage, mindfulness, and understanding—it’s being “all in.  noted “vulnerability researcher” Brene Brown in the book End Malaria

Black bottled water? A new product called blk

I just discovered a new bottled water gimmick called blk black water which is water infused with fulvic acid.

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Detroit River

September 17, 2011 – 11:53 pm

Taken at Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

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A review of Ted Turner’s Audio Biography: ‘Call me Ted’

September 14, 2011 – 1:18 am

Call Me TedCall Me Ted by Ted Turner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Phenomenal book on an amazing visionary. I purchased the audiobook because it is read by Ted Turner himself – a brilliant book. If you have any interest in media, including the development of cable TV and cable programming, the big three broadcast networks (CBS, ABC, NBC), media companies, movie studios, sports leagues, tech and media moguls including Rupert Murdoch, Steve Case at AOL, the Time Warner guys, Jack Welch, Kirk Kerkorian, Bill Gates, Jerry Yang, Malone (TCI), all the other cable companies, this is just fascinating. Ted had his fingers in it all, and helped influence a lot of the media landscape.

You can also hear how Turner’s visits with Castro, Gorbachev & Putin, to name a few, changed his outlook and politics. Plus, hearing firsthand how he created the first 24 hour content stations like CNN, The Cartoon Network, etc, is just fascinating. Plus a lot of the AOl-Time Warner merger.

I am not a big audio book guy, but it was great to hear the story straight from the horse’s mouth.

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